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Case Studies

Repositioning an association to shape its industry

This association approached TMMG with a PR challenge: it suffered from negative and at times non-existent public perceptions of the value of its constituents, particularly among state and federal agencies. Its message was misunderstood, undermining its mission to expand its stakeholder base and impact industry research and policy initiatives. To counter these unfavorable perceptions and boost awareness, TMMG launched a multi-phase PR initiative targeted at specific demographics and external constituencies. The result has raised the profile of the organization’s relevance and expertise with policymakers.

Raising an organization’s profile on Capitol Hill

This association was a “best-kept secret” in its field; no external constituencies had heard of it. Since joining as its part-time Executive Director, Todd Mann reconstructed its value in the minds of both its members and other stakeholders. Over the course of a year, TMMG created two informational resources of significant value: a survey/profile of the field, generating the first-ever detailed look at its specialty; and a deep review of each member and its offerings. These resources were then used to spread awareness of the association on Capitol Hill as well as with foundations and other sources of grants and sponsorships. The association is now the “go-to” resource on Capitol Hill and in its field, and the Board is energized with a renewed sense of purpose.

Establishing a new association

TMMG was sought out by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation to establish a new association to help high achieving, low-income students stay in school and achieve employment when they graduate. TMMG worked with a coalition of partners to establish a new 501c3 organization leading it through the process of incorporation, establishing its operational foundation, and inaugurating its Board of Directors.

Win-win consensus & PR initiative

The UN Secretary General’s global initiative to reduce building consumption identified energy-efficient roofing design as a key component. TMMG was hired by the UN Foundation to achieve an overarching energy-reduction goal to present to the General Assembly. The challenge: the nine roofing associations were in direct competition with one another, making uniform agreement particularly difficult.  TMMG recommended using the UN initiative as an opportunity to catapult the roofing industry in the public’s eye. The result: the nine associations signed off on an energy-reduction goal which was presented to the General Assembly. This rare consensus was used as a publicity platform by the associations to create greater awareness of the important role of the roof as a design component.

Strategically targeting new member markets

An association executive wanted to take advantage of TMMG’s business acumen in a different way. His organization was considering pursuit of a new market as a way of diversifying the association’s income, but did not know how to approach it. TMMG performed a market entry analysis and recommended a strategy that was approved by the Board. TMMG then developed a three-year business plan to guide the rollout of the new market.

Significant non-dues revenue negotiation

A survey of the society’s professional members indicated that there was a significant cost when they accepted credit cards as payment by clients at time of service. TMMG issued an RFP to numerous credit card processors, including those with new technology such as Square. TMMG struck a deal with one of the processors, negotiating a rate that aggregated the entire membership and was well below that offered by the other processors. Members could never have attained such low rates without the aggregation that TMMG achieved. TMMG also secured for the association entry fees, sponsorship dollars, and significant recurring royalty payments.

Deep value for members

The smaller members of this association did not have the same leverage, nor attention, as the larger ones when it came to finding software for their businesses. TMMG responded with a six-month interviewing and vetting process. The result: it found just the right company that developed software versions customized for the smaller members and at price points that were very accessible for them. The association received an entry fee for creating national access to its industry as well as substantial royalty payments.

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