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What We Do

Professional and trade associations turn to TMMG for business-savvy approaches to reinvigorate their organizations, grow revenue, and maintain their edge. Talk with us about which services that may be of use.

Executive Recruitment

We work with Board search committees to develop a profile for the next executive director. We will fan out to our network of resources to find a pool of candidates from which you may select, guiding the process the entire way. And we will assist in creating the employment agreement.

Governance Consulting

We know the nuts and bolts of governance, having revamped nonprofit board structures and created one association from scratch. Associations call upon us to facilitate Board retreats or for long-term assignments to reboot their board toward greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Revenue Generation

We apply our entrepreneurial acumen to create deals with businesses that generate recurring income streams for trade associations and member societies. The deals we pursue are those that produce significant member value.

Education Strategy

Lean on us to map your education strategy and design a systematic approach to delivering content through live, online and print channels. We offer instructional design for both live and online educational experiences.

Membership Growth

Whether you’re looking for evaluation of your dues structure, new membership markets, or full-service membership leadership, let’s talk about where our expertise meets your need.

Financial Management

Our finance team has an accounting background and is here to streamline budget development, financial reporting, audits and investments.

Marketing Savvy

Our team can help you find new markets and ensure your messaging hits its mark. We offer a wealth of experience in content marketing, digital marketing, and communication strategy.

Event Planning

With more than 25 years of experience in the meeting planning industry, we know how to craft both small and large event experiences and expositions. We manage venue contracts, facilitate logistics, manage registration, and develop conference mobile apps. Allow us to ease your burden by utilizing our sales expertise and creative sponsorship modeling.

Website Design

Time for an upgrade? We’ve got you covered. We’ll evaluate your current site and develop a high-impact, intuitive design that will maximize your brand identity.

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